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The Experience of a Revolution India has always been at the epicenter of the action of the outsourcing industry which has organized grown rapidly over the last 20 years. However there is a high number of businesses that have not yet even tried outsourcing as an alternative to keeping in-house people for everything. So the million dollar question is still out there – why these companies should start considering moving their non-core activities to experienced and focused professionals? So we take this moment to explain the pros and cons of outsourcing services. As businesses grow, they look for ways to control their expenses and stay ahead of their competition and use innovative solutions without increasing their overheads. Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping, when managed professionally can turn out to be an extremely successful solution that fulfills this requirements. Even though, not everyone is adaptable to change and there could be some assumptive notions that prevents business owners and CFOs as well Finance Directors from reaping the benefits out of outsourcing finance and accounting services to India. So we take this moment to answer some unasked questions and concerns regarding outsourcing of finance and accounting services including payroll management services.

Cost Savings

Businesses looking for cost savings frequently select to outsource their finance and accounts to cut down their costs by upto 50% to 60% as compared to their in-house operating costs. The important thing here is to accomplish that without disrupting your current operations, or affecting the quality of the output. With the support of an expert accounting service provider like CharterCPA, these issues never exist. While the major savings would come in the form of labour arbitrage but the value additions in the face of improved efficiencies and increased rates of accuracy can also deliver substantial financial benefits.

Flexibility in Scaling Up the Operations

Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping outsourcing service providers generally have strong recruitment capabilities and they usually operate in metro cities having excess of accounting graduates. This helps them hire qualified and skilled professionals in a considerably short amount of time. Because of this, shortage of professionals is never an issue when you select a seasoned outsourcing service provider. This relief of the stress generated out of staffing issues playes a key role in the decision making of the business leaders who have faced major challenges finding and retaining their F&A staff locally. Reputed and reliable outsourcing service providers will go out of their way in supporting their clients during month-end and year-end accounting requirements including standing by during client’s statutory audits. The right outsourcing partner would have a substantial strength at bench, or would have a buffer of well trained professionals to make sure the business continuity is never compromised. They also ensure that some staff members are also there as a backup during holiday season to ensure that the delivery is always at the top of their priority list and work never suffers.

Plan and Grow

Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service providers have the individuals, procedures and innovation that make F&A works more productive and they have process mechanisms in-place that give better perceivability on the work simultaneously. They likewise deal with consistence and shoulder the weight of other regulatory assignments. Thus, bookkeeping staff at the client side can concentrate on conveying exact administration revealing and financial specialist reports as they are liberated from different day by day bookkeeping tasks. This empowers finance function chiefs to give full concentration to growing industry trends and different sectors that add to the general business development.

Digitization and Process Improvements

It is hard for accounting and bookkeeping offices in organizations to discover the data transfer capacity for significant digitisation or process reengineering activities. Developed outsourcing service providers as of now have standardized processes set up and have the experience required for moving paper-based procedures to advanced digital platforms. Numerous organizations join re-appropriating with modernisation activities to take out two targets with one shot. The main test is to discover a supplier that can give significant help with these territories.

Consistent and Real time correspondence

Cross mainland trades between a business and its F&A outsourcing service provider must be continuous and as ongoing as could be expected under any circumstances. Chiefs and Finance Directors are reluctant now and again to consider cost-sparing choices, for example, outsourcing offshore because of the dread that an offshore group will be unable to convey easily in English or may not be a decent social fit due to language barriers. A trained and committed accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing group will handily impart over a telephone, by means of mail or through audio / video conferencing. The outsourcing services team as a rule get English communication trainings and culture trainings to prepare them to work proficiently with the customers. Outsourcing service organizations frequently recruit individuals who have contemplated or worked in the worldwide zone to guarantee they adjust without any problem. The person is normally only a summon through telephone or Skype as they will always be working in the time region of their Client.

Data / Information security and compliance

Data / Information security, which additionally now includes individual data protection, will consistently be a worry for organizations and people needing to outsource their work. Organizations in India that emphasis on outsourcing services value this trepidation and have set up themselves as tenable outsourcing vendor accomplices by pre-emptively tending to information protection and security dangers. Indian outsourcing suppliers generally take estimates, for example, accomplishing all physical and coherent controls towards securing their customer’s data and frameworks. They audit and direct their IT procedures and systems to guarantee it is in accordance with vital information by following all data protection standards. To limit security penetrates, the specialist accounting and bookkeeping firms normally deal with the accompanying:
  • Access cards and biometric login for all representatives
  • Private, non-revelation understandings (NDA) signed by every worker
  • Limitation of data access to client authorized users
  • All strategies for information that moves to outer sources are strictly controlled
  • SSL secure systems and electronic locks on each access / entrance
  • Highly secured Anti-Virus Software Framework
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance
  • Customary security audits

Improved End-Client Experience

Accounting teams in developing nations are required to provide a decent client experience; i.e., they are relied upon to provide satisfactory services to end-customers, clients, client representatives and different partners. F&A outsourcing has moved past TAT (turn around time) and delivery to concentrate on giving better results to all the individuals that it services. Through develop associations with merchants, organizations can use outsourcing to convey a superior client experience. This is practiced through ideal conveyance, precision, standard subsequent meet-ups and brisk resolution goals.

Savvy Reporting

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing suppliers can assist organizations with taking their financial reporting to an upraised level through specialized reports in simple to-process and understandable formats. By conveying highly-caliberated and precise information, outsourcing groups empower leaders at client end to accelerate reporting and make decision based on information driven choices. When working with highly experienced outsourcing professionals, organizations can share information to get point by point examination; in any case, for this to happen the business must be happy to impart business information to a specialist outsourcing services provider.

Better administration and Talent maintenance

Fundamental accounting and bookkeeping capacities like finance, AP, AR, credit control or the management accounts don’t fulfill aggressive and extraordinary accountants at most places. Most bookkeeping experts in the US need to grow – and quick. The more capable your bookkeeping staff is, the more troublesome it is to hold them; particularly when the work you need them to do is seen as dull, work escalated and tedious. Offshoring F&A and finance capacities opens up administrative or vital situations for the most skilled colleagues not only is your business ready to retain the best, however the business would be very likely to get the most productivity from them. Utilizing the group in India for everyday bookkeeping capacities has helped numerous organizations to retain their most efficient and productive team mates.

Accounting Center of Expertise

As the group in India coordinates with the client group, and as they cooperate to set and refine business processes, the offshore F&A group increases the total comprehension of the procedures. After some time, the correspondence between the groups gets consistent. Dependable conveyance from the offshore group gives the account heads genuine feelings of serenity – they figure out how to rely on the offshore group and treat it as an expansion of the client’s in-house group. As the colleagues’ on-shore move into key jobs or move center to top of the line exercises and the administration conveyance from the offshore area turns out to be totally solid, it is conceivable to take the relationship to the following level. For huge numbers of the organizations, the outsourced finance and bookkeeping groups work as a focal point of mastery. This implies the offshore group drives advancement and includes esteem path past work exchange and the labour arbitrage advantages. Learn more about how working with the right finance and accounting outsourcing service provider can work well for your business. We provide a no-cost consultation exercise to help you figure out your options. Please write to us at info@chartercpa.com or call us directly at 212-203-2419. With best wishes, Knowledge Processing Team CharterCPA Inc. 3 Grace Avenue, Great Neck NY 11021 https://chartercpa.com

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